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In collaboration with the Designer and the Artist TheI Rivas, as well as with our UK importers, the Morgenrot Group, we have decided to undergo a facelift, encompassing a complete redesign of our packaging, labelling and corporate image. Starting with our fruity young wines to the classic Crianzas, Reservas and newly developed singular wines.

The first to be launched will be Vallemayor Blanco Viura, Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Vallemayor Rosado Garnacha and Tempranillo 2019. Followed In quick succession by Vallemayor Tempranillo Tinto 2019 and Tondeluna Tempranillo Tinto 2019, the latter of which will be presented into the UK market by our friends from the M&B group. After a significant investment, driven by the challenges imposed by a demanding market, this will also be our first Stelvin or screwcap bottle, as opposed to the traditional cork.

Currently, labels for our highest-end wines are already in the hands of Andi, whose extraordinary work can be seen on their website We are confident that he will deliver extraordinary designs with which we can welcome the wines of the new vintages to the quality they deserve.