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The Natural Wine controversy

The concept of 'Natural Wine' is a controversial one which spans winemakers across the globe. Whereas 'Organic wines' are officially defined, regulated and certified, Natural Wine is an elusive notion that Wine should be obtained with minimal technical and chemical intervention, either in the vineyard or in the Winery.

For those supporting the idea, there is a desire to attain "authenticity" and "purity", while others unilaterally excluded themselves from such values.

We are faced with an interesting debate that transcends the processes of production until we are faced with the question, 'What is natural?'. When talking about these wines in terms of the above, the ideology of the consumer is being appealed to, rather than the quality of a product that has been improving thanks to the progress of agriculture and oenology historically.

Supporters of this trend argue that natural Wine is a product made without the use of artificial additives and is governed by a respect for nature, natural processes, and what the rural environment offers.

Opponents object suggesting that this very methodology itself can be harmful, contributing to the proliferation of polluting microorganisms, as well as producing wines that enhance harmful alcohol with high levels of acetaldehyde generated by the rejection of the use of sulphites. Furthermore, they claim this method can have a detrimental effect on its characteristics commonly manifesting in unpalatable aftertastes and sometimes a phenolated or earthy character.

Today, we do not cut meat with an axe, however ancient and natural it may seem. We are in favour of producing quality wines from a tradition which spans thousands of years of human and technological evolution and in the understanding that there is no one more invested in the defence of natural heritage than the one who devotes everything to this exploitation and care.