As children in new shoes

As children in new shoes

In collaboration with the Designer and the Artist TheI Rivas, as well as with our UK importers, the Morgenrot Group, we have decided to undergo a facelift, encompassing a complete redesign of our corporate imagery.

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A History of Rioja wine

It was during the time of the Roman Empire that La Rioja was found to be an ideal region for the cultivation and production of wine. Later, during the Middle Ages, monks began to develop cultivation techniques.

The Natural Wine controversy

The Natural Wine controversy

The concept of 'Natural Wine' is a controversial one which spans winemakers across the globe. Whereas 'Organic wines' are officially defined, regulated and certified, Natural Wine is an elusive notion.

The winery

Bodegas Vallemayor S.L. is a family-owned winery located in Fuenmayor, into the geographic area of La Rioja Alta. We only elaborate high quality wines from our own 70 hectares of vineyards and from other 60 that we control in the area. In Vallemayor the traditional knowledge and the most modern technology are well-balanced in order to produce both a line of coupage wines and another of terroir wines that are the most accurate model of this land expression. We’re under the protection of the D.O.Ca. Rioja.


The winemaking hall can vinify up to 2,000,000 kg of grapes in stainless steel tanks.

The storage hall can hold approximately 700,000 litres. Here the wine is subjected to various processes, including fining, homogenising, physical-tartaric stabilisation and blending —also in stainless steel tanks.

The ageing area holds 3,000 Bordeaux-type barrels with a capacity of 225 litres each. Of these, 1,800 are made of American oak and the other 1,200 are made with oak from central France, with split staves and open pores. All the barrels are replaced every 4-5 years.

The bottle-ageing area can hold up to 500,000 bottles. This is where our wines are left to rest so they will round off and acquire that special bouquet typical of wines aged in Fuenmayor.